A Luxury Retreat for Women who Desire an Exquisite Spiritural Transformation & a Powerful Personal Breakthrough.

Life will never be the same – it will be better than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

Do you?


desire to let go of your stresses and feel a greater sense of inner peace & balance


desire to feel more alive, excited, joyful and fulfilled with your life


desire to LOVE yourself unconditionally & feel genuinely confident


feel a bit lost and desire to re-discover yourself, your Purpose & your Calling


desire the ability to stop the drama in your life & instead know how to elegantly manifest an exquisite life of peace, fulfilment & happiness for yourself


desire to finally clear that one big issue you’ve hid, kept secret or avoided; the issue you know most of your problems stem from

If you said YES, to any of the above questions, then The Elegant Life Experience is a must.

Now I’m not saying your life is in a shambles. You may feel content or generally okay in life, but deep inside there is a niggling feeling that often has you thinking,

“Is there more to life than this?”

Perhaps you dreamed of having the good job or career, the husband, the kids, the home and now that you have all of that you’re thinking,

“This was what I wanted. Why am I not happy? What’s wrong with me? If this doesn’t make me happy then what will?

I know these feelings all too well…

In my twenties I had the house, the husband and the dream job yet I felt a sense of emptiness inside.

I read book after book trying to find what I felt was missing and nothing changed.

After some very challenging circumstances in my life I left my first marriage and decided to live out my dream of living in France.

At first I felt INCREDIBLE joy after landing in Paris, but it didn’t take long for the inner yearning of , “I just want to be happy” to rise to the surface again.

I spent the next 10 years trying to be happier, exploring every religion under the sun and reading so many books I could have started my own library!

I sat at the feet of masters and gurus and although I learned how to embody enlightened energies and felt truly honoured when I was given the name “Radiant Light of Enlightenment Mind”, I couldn’t get past the “rules” and the Buddhist teacher who hit on me during a weekend workshop.

I tried the latest self-help books and videos about affirmations, positive thinking and “the secrets” but they didn’t work.

They actually made me more confused, anxious and hopeless.

Plus, the whole guru/follower experience didn’t sit right with me.

Sit lower than the guru, don’t put your feet facing the statue…

Everything began losing it’s authenticity so I tried being an independent seeker for awhile.

But I got lost, more confused and felt incredibly lonely. Lonely because no one else I knew had what I was looking for (prosperity and a deep spiritual life) and lonely because I felt completely disconnected from the Universe.

Then I fell pregnant (after having two miscarriages) and thought,

“I’m going to make sure this birth is a beautiful one. I’m going to do hypnobirthing and visualise a gorgeous, spiritual birth and maybe that will reconnect me to Source.”

However, this birth experience was even worse than my first! It was Medieval!

It was after this experience that I lost ALL faith and trust in the Divine.

I felt it didn’t support me and that it didn’t want to give me what my soul truly desired.

So, I completely disassociated myself from it…and fell into a deep depression.

I was done.

Then a friend of mine asked if she could practise a clearing technique on me. I obliged.

After not being able to do it fully the first time she said, “Erin, when you release this emotion, you’ll be free.”

A couple of months later she told my hubby and I about a Spiritual Retreat where we’d be doing a lot of this clearing work. We agreed because we had been going through a rough patch at the time.

During this retreat I had THE most profound spiritual experience of my life. My physical body dissolved and was in union with the ALL, Divine Consciousness.

And after this exquisite experience of oneness I was gifted download after download of how this Universe works, how we can experience this feeling of peaceful bliss always and how to elegantly manifest anything our soul desires.

I began living my life with these Divine Principles in place and nothing has ever been the same.

My marriage is stronger and more beautiful than it’s ever been.

My level of Prosperity is beyond what I could have ever dreamt possible for myself.

My Soul Desire of living a deeply fulfilling and spiritually connected life of luxury became my reality (and I didn’t feel guilty!)

And most importantly, my level of inner peace, confidence, joy & love are at the levels I thought only great masters could experience.

I have taught these principles to women of all faiths, in over 20+ countries around the world and they are experiencing these life-changing results too.

Five Star Treatment for Your Soul

On May 20-25th I am hosting a Spiritual Retreat for women that has never existed.


You will not be in track pants, Tie-dye T-Shirts and berkenstocks.

And you most definitely will not be staying in a room with 5 other women and sleeping on wooden bunkbeds.

No, this is a different kind of Retreat.


This Luxurious Retreat Will Exude Everything that Epitomises the

Essence of  Divine Consciousness

This retreat is for YOU, the woman whose never quite felt authentically comfortable or at peace in typical Spiritual Retreats.

YOU are someone who ADORES luxury, beautiful surroundings, expansiveness, elegance & femininity.

And… you SO desire a blissful connection with the Divine.

You SO desire to reconnect with who you are and experience a sacred relationship with the Divine so that JOY, inner peace, balance & fulfilment are your normal.

If you are currently feeling stuck, empty or disconnected and you adore luxury & beautiful things (even if you don’t have full access to them..yet)

THIS is the retreat you require.



For 5 Nights & 4 Exquisite Days you will be basking in beauty & Divine Bliss while staying at




This 5 Star Hotel is synonymous with luxury, beauty & expansiveness..the perfect venue for a Retreat worthy of who you really are.


My Calling is to assist women in coming back HOME to their Divine Nature so they are able to LIVE & MANIFEST exquisite lives for themselves.

In order to do this I will also take you to…

The Heart Chakra of Planet Earth

On one spectacular morning we will embark upon a walking pilgrimage to a majestic location that is often referred to as the “Heart Chakra of Planet Earth”.

The Secret location we will be elegantly transporting you to is a vortex of powerful energy since this location is where the maximum number of Ley lines inter-sect with each other.

These Ley lines, which stem from sacred sites around the world , enhance the intensity of energy flow.

This unforgettable experience at the Heart of Planet Earth is the perfect way to amplify all the positive energy you will have cultivated during the previous days.

So, are you ready to gift yourself the Experience of a Lifetime?

Are you Ready to…

  • Reconnect & fall back in love with your uniqueness, your allure and your Divine Calling?
  • Deeply clear blocks that are holding you back by doing the very same Breath Work I did when I had my Spiritual Awakening? (With the very same facilitator!)
  • Learn The Elegant Clearing Process™ that can be used in your daily life.
    Emotions arise? Fears appear? Just do this! It will quickly, but elegantly dissolve them.
  • Learn my signature Morning Meditation & Rituals which will ensure you feel at one with Divine energy and are a vibrational match to anything you desire to manifest?


I cannot WAIT for you to move from…

Emptiness to wholeness.

Stuck to flowing.

Worry  to peace.

Resentment to forgiveness.

Lost to knowing.

Disconnected to Oneness.

The Elegant Life Experience Includes:

  • 5 Nights Stay in a Luxurious Private Room at The Ritz Carlton Hotel (no sharing, unless you want to)
  • A welcome reception with Canapés & Elixirs
  • 4 Full Days of instruction, coaching & support from Master Spiritual Coach Erin Kurt (Value: $12,000)
  • 4 High Vibe Breakfasts (Gluten-free & Vegan friendly)
  • Daily High Vibe Snacks, Teas & Coffee chosen specially for you (Gluten-free & Vegan friendly)
  • 3 Exclusive, High Vibe Lunches created by an award-winning Chef (Gluten-free & Vegan options available)
  • Sacred feminine experiences
  • A Luxury gift bag full of items you’ll love!
  • 1 Private Reception & Dinner at an opulent location ranked “The Most Beautiful ______ in the World”(I have to keep some things secret! But honestly, my mouth dropped in awe when I first walked in here)
  • Fun “girly” experiences
  • Elegant surroundings for the retreat, restaurants, and off site locations
  • Access to the Luxury Ritz Spa to receive relaxing treatments
  • Access to the indoor pool with natural daylight through a glass roof
  • 24 Hour Accessibility to the state-of-the-art fitness centre
  • Full access to an Elegant Life Concierge who will help you with anything you require during your stay.

Total Value of this Elegant 5 nights, 4 Day Experience is: $18,670

Actual Price You Pay for this Retreat is: $4500


 Share this Experience With a Friend & Save!

Do you have a friend who is Spiritual & Loves Luxury too?
Come together and Save on BOTH tickets!

2 Tickets for $7000


(Only 20 spots available)


1. Airport Pick-up & Drop off in a Private Hire Car

2. Personal 1:1 Session with Erin in her Private Suite (limited spots available)

3. Day After Pampering Package:

You’ve made the trip to Budapest, so why not spend 1 more day to fully experience the city?



The Itinerary

a)Start your day with 60 minute Gold Meso Facial at the Omorvitcza Spa

Omorovicza skincare is patented, Nobel Prize-winning products that use the thermal springs, full of healing minerals, to produce stunning, visible results. Only high-end Spas use this skin care.

b) Spend the afternoon basking in the beauty and richness of Budapest. Enjoy A 3 Hour Tour, with a Female Guide, who will custom plan your tour based on your personal interests. Budapest is called the most beautiful city in Central Europe; you’ll see why. It has so much to offer; from UNESCO Heritage Sites to Galleries and gorgeous cafes; you can be assured of an unforgettable experience.

c)End your blissful day with a Candlelight Dinner Cruise down the Danube. Budapest is spectacular at night! Enjoy an evening meal on this 90-minute Danube River cruise. You’ll have a front row seat to admire the dazzling Budapest panorama while sipping Sparkling wine or wine. Enjoy traditional Hungarian dishes and treats while listening to live music performed by three members of the renowned Hungarian Folk Orchestra.

d) Luxuriate in having one extra night’s stay at The Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Questions You May be Asking Yourself:

  • Do I really NEED to do this?
    You don’t need to do anything; the Universe doesn’t judge. However, if your Soul is creating feelings of excitement and there is a yearning within you to experience something deep & luxurious like this, these are signs from the Divine that this Spiritual Retreat is meant for you.


  • What will I get out of it?
    You will “get out” of it whatever your soul requires….and then some. This retreat is all about embodying The Elegant Life, so although women who choose to live elegantly live from a very spiritually connected place, so too, do we know how to fully ENJOY life. This is why there will be incredible surprises throughout the entire 5 nights, and 4 days. I can guarantee you that this retreat will feel like the best gift you will have ever given yourself; it’s truly a gift of a lifetime.
  • Will I meet any Soul Sisters?
    There will only be a maximum of 20 women at this Elegant Retreat in order to keep it intimate and sacred. And the multi-national women whom I attract are Spiritual, open-minded, open-hearted and absolutely LOVE beauty & luxury. It’s like I am handpicking women, who you will have so much in common with, to go through an experience of a lifetime together. This, to me, is priceless.


  • Will I really be able to experience profound spiritual shifts in a 5 Star environment?
    I’ll be blunt here… there is absolutely no way you can leave The Elegant Life Experience without having shifted & elevated profoundly. Just doing the Breath Work is enough to transform you. Trust me on that one! Also, remember that one of the attributes of Divine Consciousness is “unlimited abundance”. This experience will truly gift you the experience of feeling FULL of abundance!

“We can’t become what we need to be by remaining who we are”

Oprah Winfrey


(Only 20 spots available)



Erin Kurt is an internationally renowned Spiritual Teacher from Canada, now residing in Dubai, who assists women from around the world, and from every faith and belief system to come back HOME to their Divinity so they are able to elegantly live & manifest exquisite lives for themselves.

Women who adore beauty, abundance, luxury and gorgeous experiences are drawn to Erin and her teachings. She is often referred to as The “Chic” Spiritual Teacher since she shares Spiritual Truths and processes that show women how to lead deep, spiritually connected lives while enjoying all the beauty that a human life can offer. She elegantly blends the two, giving women permission to experience it all.

As a young woman Erin was often told by spiritual teachers that she would do great things in this world.

Twelve years ago she was given the Spiritual name “Karma Changchun Paldra”, meaning “Radiant Light of Enlightenment Mind” by an internationally renowned Buddhist Lama.

Six years ago she had a profound spiritual experience and soon after was gifted exquisite Universal Truths from the Divine.

Erin began putting these truths into practise and her entire life changed. Her dreams & desires began manifesting with ease and elegance, and her inner state was one of consistent inner peace, love & joy.

She now runs LIVE workshops and retreats, mentors women all over the world via Skype or in person and has created two extremely popular online programs that are changing women’s lives. Women are fully returning to their Divinity and are elegantly experiencing life changing moments and manifestations.

Your Teacher & Host
Erin Kurt

Your Elegant Concierge

Melinda Balla

Your Yoga Teacher

Zsofia Somlai

Your Conscious Breathwork Facilitator

Sermin Amal

Your Elegant Concierge

Melinda Balla


I was born and educated in Hungary but soon after graduation left to live abroad. The Universe nicely orchestrated an opportunity to meet my husband and since then we have been leading a happy life together with our daughter in Dubai.
I am an Economist by profession but I rather like to call myself a Light Worker.

My life task is to assist people in finding their passage to awakening as well as helping them experience an easier, more fulfilling human life on this planet.
I have been through many spiritual workshops and seminars ( Access Bars, Reconnective Healing, Vastu, Astrology, Energy healers, Mediums) and have read most of the well-known spiritual teachers’ books but the Universe presented me with a gift to further fulfill my life task by meeting Erin Kurt, and now I am supporting her in her amazing work. I look forward to meeting you at the Retreat!

Your Conscious Breathwork Facilitator

Şermin Aral


I started to practice conscious breathing in 2011 and my own process led me to facilitate conscious breathing in others through private sessions, workshops and seminars. Conscious breathing opened a door for me to a totally new world where I got acquainted with many self-discovery tools and teachings. In 2012, A Course in Miracles came onto my path and then I became the official Turkish translator of the book. My adventure with the course still continues although I recently finalized the translation after four years of work. Also, I practice and teach The Work of Byron Katie which is very much in line with the course’s teaching. I am grateful to have all these tools in my life and to share them with others.

Your Yoga Instructor

Zsofia Somlai


In 2007, when I graduated at Corvinus University of Budapest and started to work in office as an economist, I felt very tired and exhausted after sitting at my desk, at business meetings and in the car all day long. My friend, who felt the same invited me for my first Hatha yoga class. I heard that yoga has tons of positive effects on the body and mind so I was very excited about my first date with yoga. After the different postures – asanas -I felt amazingly good, refreshed and mentally balanced. I was always very active, in my childhood I did ballet dance later swam, run, took Latin dance courses but yoga was something different, something very complex. The challenging yoga poses & breathing techniques made me more confident and flexible not only physically but mentally as well. I even managed to decrease my migraines through special asanas and relaxation. After practicing yoga almost every day for 6 years I decided that I would like to teach these wonderful techniques to all my relatives and friends. Therefore I applied for a teacher training course. I studied for 2 years from very authentic and experienced teachers in Hungary and after a year I started to teach Hatha yoga for beginners. Among my students are women and men from all age groups, mainly office workers, but also young moms and retired people. It will be an honour to practice together soon.



(Only 20 spots available)


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